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April 20, 2019

Satisfied customer
I love it I went from a B cup to a C cup less than 4 weeks
About to order 2 more bottles??

- Kashya K, GNC Customer

February 8, 2019

I recommend this product!! The results were amazing I'm up a whole cup size in just three weeks.I went from a 36a to a 36b!!

- Nikita B, GNC Customer

July 29, 2018

Working already
I have been using these for only about 2 weeks and already I'm seeing a change. I'm rather flat-chested but these are really starting to make me develop. I thought i was going to have to resort to Hormone therapy or other means but I'm loving the results.

- Markus L, GNC Customer

January 18, 2014

Works Great!
After breastfeeding my breasts did not have the volume that they once did so I was looking for something to add back to the volume that my breasts once had. I did a lot of research and this supplement has the same ingredients as the other expensive supplements and I must say that I am very impressed! I have only been using this supplement for about 3 weeks.

- adrian.west0119, GNC Customer

November 10, 2013

it works but give it time
I have been using this product off and on for four months. After three children and the fact I work out my breasts where like fried eggs on a nail. After the first three months I noticed some filling out of my breasts and stopped for a month or two. I started back up about three weeks ago and noticed a huge difference! I am spilling out of my bra, my husband comments on them every day. The bottle suggest using the product for three to six months to see results so it is important to give this product time to work. I am very happy and can't wait to see what I look like after two more bottles!

- enjoli8181, GNC Customer

November 9, 2012

Natural Curves has no side effects&WORKS
this product is AMAZING! I am sure the results vary for every woman...but I've been using it for 5 days, since Monday Nov 5th 2012 and my girls are already FULLER FIRMER AND PERKIER. I can not wait to see what the results are in a few weeks. This has boosted my confidence...I started taking it after significant weight loss. My breasts were the first place I lost weight. :( But now, I am truly satisfied. :))

- chicalinda79, GNC Customer

July 18, 2010

I love it
I am very petite. I bought this product about 3 weeks ago and I noticed my breast both larger and fuller. I have grown a full cup size in 3 weeks. For me it seemed to happend overnight. I gave up soft drinks and began working out my upper body. I really think doing both those two things had something to do with the results.

- intel2256, GNC Customer

January 10, 2010

This product really works!!
Hi everyone...
I have taken this product 2 times nad I have had good results.I started with flat bust and now I am proud or wear a 34 B bras.This really works even on male to female transformation...Thank you GNC

- isa5250, GNC Customer

October 2, 2018

I just started with your product Natural Curves and would like to be your spokesperson and share my results. I am Mrs. Pearl City, Hawaii, 1997; Miss Coppertone when I was 16 years old; professional hula dancer since the age of 5, fitness trainer, etc. Please contact me; I would love to represent your product and share my testimony with other women who are looking for another alternative to dangerous cosmetic surgery!

- P.A.

July 17, 2014

It works
I’ve been taking this product for about 3 weeks. Within a few days I could see results. Usually an A, can wear a B no problem, now. I do have to take it twice a day to see results. If I skip or drink soda, or tea I'm back to square 1. Most noticeably my breasts are fuller

- Anitua

March 12, 2019

In July 2000, I made a commitment to get back into shape. I wanted to go from my then size 14 back to my original size 5. The only problem was at a size 14 I actually had a bust - and was losing it as I went down in pant sizes. I started taking Natural Curves in hopes that the underlying bust tissue would generate so I would at very least maintain what I still had left (a small B size). Well, not only did I lose the weight, but my bust size INCREASED to a small C size! I have never felt so beautiful. Thank you Biotech for making wonderful products!.

- R.T.

December 11, 2017

I was skeptical, but these do what they're advertised to do. I have taken them twice a day for a couple of months now and already my boobs are firmer and rounder & bigger. My boyfriend even noticed and he didn't know I was taking them. My bras are fitting tighter and I have cleavage, which I never had before. I will probably buy another bottle after I finish this one to reach to a bigger size I haven't had any side effects - my only concern is that I don’t know if they will go back to their original size once I stop taking the pills.

- Deemo

November 5, 2017

OMG!!! I have been taking this for over six months now and am sooo happy with the results. I started to see results within 4 months (probably took that long because I'm 51 had two kids and gravity was not good to me). My husband even asked me if my breasts got bigger. I had no problem with acne. My bra size is the same but now my breasts fill them up. Before they would sink in. I have more fullness and less sagging and droopiness. I’m going to keep taking them to see how much fuller my breasts can get. I'm glad I didn’t buy the $200 pills or have breast implants! This really works girls, just give it time! I’m so happy!

- Anonymous

January 11, 2019

Very Impressed
I’ve used 3 bottles so far and am about to buy 2 more! It honestly has made a difference to my breasts, its made them much plumper and visibly wider which is exactly what i was hoping for. I haven’t gone up a cup size but hopefully if i continue using it will, even if i dont im still very happy with the results, this truly does work!

- iHerb Customer

November 15, 2017

It works!!
Love this product! I have been taking it for almost 3 months, and I have gone from an almost C cup to a full and firm D cup. My libido has also improved!

- m. Holodnak

June 15, 2016

Grew one cup size after 1 month of use

- IHerb Customer

September 9, 2016

Love this!!!
Love this product, I started to see results within two weeks

- Amazon Customer

October 11, 2015

The combination of herbs
I do not use these for what they claim to be used for. The combination of herbs help me during my cycle (cramp relief). I do not take these daily, so I cannot claim they have actually made my bust bigger, which I was never wanting that outcome (I'm small and proud) I doubt they would anyway. Quick shipping and product was delivered as ordered.

- Ana Budgets

September 2, 2009

This stuff works!
Wow. I have been on various herbal tonics over the years for pre-menstral cramps, headaches and hormone dives resulting in depressic fatigue. I was amazed when I cruised happily to my period with none of the above symptoms! And, I'm still on my first bottle at 2 per day breasts have a fuller look already...l'm staying on this product.

- iHerb Customer

January 9, 2010

This product intriged me and so I've been taking it for about two weeks now. I'm excited to seethe benefits.

- iHerb Customer

September 6, 2013

awesome results, my husband does not need to know why my breast are getting plumper!!

- iHerb Customer

October 26, 2008

Good Product
Always great products and service form you plus fast shipping! I can't find this in stores for the price.

- iHerb Customer

May 29, 2009

Great Product!
This is a great product and worth the money! I have gained a whole cup size over the past month! I also received this very quickly, within three days of placing my order!

- iHerb Customer

November 18, 2009

It ACTUALLY works, not like the others!
My fiance returned home form iraq and afghanistan and the first thing he said once we were alone was that my boobs had grown:) I can feel them growing. During the bay I fell them tingling and they feel like they are getting heavier. It took about two months of use, and I had to take the (p)ills on a regular schedule but I LOVE THE RESULTS!

- iHerb Customer

August 12, 2013

It works
I’ve been taking this product for about 3 weeks. Within a few days I could see results. Usually an A, can wear a B no problem now. I do have to take it twice a day to see results. If I skip or drink soda or tea I'm back to square I Most noticeably my breasts are fuller.

- Anitya

March 22, 2009

It helps
I got this product to help with balancing of my hormones, not for breast enlargement, cause it has a lot of herbs for your hormones, i just got my levels checked and taking this product for some time and it seems to have done quiet a good job, and about the breasts well they have gotten slightly larger.

- Joly

August 28, 2016

Really works!
I was skeptical, but these do what they're advertised to do. I have taken them twice a day for 3 weeks now and already my boobs are firmer and rounder. My boyfriend even noticed and he didn't know I was taking them. My bras are fitting tighter and I have some cleavage in a bikini, which I never had before. I will probably buy another bottle after I finish this one to see if I can continue to grow. I haven't had any side effects - my only concer is that I don't know if they will go back to their original size once I stop taking the pills.

- iHerb Customer

May 4, 2016

It works
I been taking the product for three weeks and it definitely works, I'm 20 years with flat chest and this works what you can expect by the first week is sore and tender breasts this means for me product is doing is job. I have fuller and I can finally fill my bra. I will definitely recommend it.

- iHerb Customer

November 23, 2010

This is good stuff
I have been taking them for 3 weeks know and did notice they are firmer and somewhat fuller my next bottle is on the way.

- iHerb Customer

May 8, 2011

This works!!
I am 26 and have been using BioTech Natural Curves for just over a week and have already noticed results. My breasts are fuller, firmer, and more perky. 1 will defmately stick with this product and brand-name. I look forward to what the results will be in a months time.

- iHerb Customer

December 13, 2017

It works!
It works! Been using it consistently for 6 months now; I've gained a bust size even though I’ve been losing pant sizes due to change in diet. Much fuller and perkier!

- IHerb Customer

December 14, 2014

Five Stars
Delivered asap as promised

- Ken White

April 23, 2017

I have bought this product multiple times throughout the past ...
have bought this product multiple times throughout the past 2 years. It does work! But I've also used different breast enchancments in between running out of these. I have went from a C to a DID throughout 2 years. These pills work after a few weeks of usage! You'll notice your breast getting firmer even after a week of using!

- Kateliyn Rice

January 3, 2018

Love this item wish it was sold every where
It works very well. I grow 3 cups, the side effect is your boobs will be sore for two weeks the effects last for as long as you take the pills it took two years before my breasts start to reduce after stopping.

- Vanessa Rodriguez

May 25, 2016

Love these after losing lots weight helps plump up and firm breast!!! Tried other stuff upset my stomach. This has no harsh side effects!

- Michelle Twardy

December 3, 2016

Really great product I see the difference in my breast from taking these I will definitely recommend them to others

- Candis Brown

March 23, 2018

Very happy and impressed
Very quick delivery!! Very happy and impressed. I will take I and update with my results after taking for a few weeks.

- Amazon Customer

November 7, 2016

Works great :)
Works great but you have to keep taking at least one a day when you have achieved the size you want. Breasts get sore after a week or two. I did breasts massage to help with pain and applied lotion to keep skin from getting dry as it stretched.

- Ashley Schneider

May 25, 2016

Love these after losing lots weight helps plump up and firm breast!!! Tried other stuff upset my stomach. This has no harsh side effects!!!!!!

- Michelle Twardy

December 27, 2015

Absolute Results
I can honesty give this product five stars because it's lasting results. I've been using Perfect Curves for over 6 months and have gone from a very small A, toa tight fitting full B cup. I have also experienced absolutely no side effects other than a lighter menstrual period without any cramps. I've even stopped using for a month, and YES ..!!! The results are truly lasting. They have also given me a curvier bottom without much of a weight gain. I will add this product to my daily vitamin regimen.

- iHerb Customer

February 3, 2016

Quick and lasting results!
For me these really WORKED!
As a guy, I went from nothing on my chest to significantly noticeable girlies.I took 4 tabs a day- 6 hour intervals. They swelled up and hurt as I've heard girl's do at puberty.Stopped for a month and the solid tissue remained firm and sensitive.
I'm buying another 2 bottles, which will last a month. I expect continuing development. Though, I wish the product also effected nipple growth. Any suggestions?
It is strange to bump into the girlies when I reach across to pickup something. I find it delightful. But I suspect it will take a while to get used to the girlies being there.

- Alexis Erin Lori

January 14, 2014

Great if used right!
I was taking double the dose from day 14-28 of my cycle, dring my period I took nothing and day 5-13 I took pueraria mirifica...this product was a very reasonably priced alternative to chiyomilk's b-up drops. I'll be giving this product definitly a few more months, if this swelling keeps getting "worse" I'll be very happy

- iHerb Customer

February 25, 2007

This really works!
I tried this product, not for the breast enhancement claims, but for the fact that the herbs support the female system. Much to my surprise, I did see an increase in my bust size. They were much firmer and fuller than before and you can feel it working! After trying two bottles of this, I decided to try Gro-bust... 6 capsules of those daily didn't do what just one tablet of this product does. Realistically, you can probably expect a one inch increase. No, you won't look like Pamela Anderson, but you will notice a difference. :)

- iHerb Customer

February 8, 2019

Better than $40 Breast Plus Max
I originally tried Breast Plus Max which had overall higher ratings. After a month I saw no difference at all and it was supposed to show some results around 2 weeks. This product had made my breast more firm and perky for sure. I had not seen my boyfriend in 5 months and when I saw him he was actually shocked it work! I had used it for two months before I saw him. $20 is not a lot to risk for the great results you could get. Also, no side effects as it is natural.

- iHerb Customer

January 27, 2018

after finishing a bottle of this product i noticed that my breast got firmer but not to the point that it is visible to be bigger. then i tried another bottle to see if it will add my bust size, it just get better and round not big to add a cup size. but i think this is still better compared to other product that i have tried before. you just need to do exercises when taking this, on my experience, it made me gain weight and to maintain good figure there's a need for additional time to exercise.

- iHerb Customer

September 10, 2017

This stuff is really working. It's only my 2nd day and I already feeling it working, I'm definitely filling up my bra more.

- iHerb Customer

July 17, 2018

it does work
on my second bottle and have just placed another order. It was only on my second bottle that i started to see the results, but i can definitely see a difference now. Very happy and cant wait to see will i get any bigger.

- iHerb Customer

November 16, 2012

this is an amazing product and it TRULY works
Today is my 6th day using this product. I've gone throught significant weight loss this year and my girls were less than perky. My breasts are perkier, fuller, firmer. I can hardly believe it! I can't wait to see what the results are after a few weeks!! I have completely eliminated cafeinated drinks and I take it twice a day...

- perkygirls

July 29, 2009

this really does work!
This product really does what it says it's going to dol! At first I didnt see instant results but its been almost a month now and i'm seeing some changes just about the time like the review from another site said it would take.

- buttercup85

January 10, 2018

Love this!!!
I brought this product two months ago. I've been taking it twice a day, per instructions. I only drink water and occasionally drink caffeine. This has worked so very well for me. I purchased three bottles initially and will be buying more!

- Izzy

June 19, 2017

Works great!
I do not usually review things, but I wanted to add a positive review for this product. I have tried two different kinds of breast enhancing pills to no avail. This product has made my breasts consistently fuller! I have not gone up a cup size, but I fill my 34D cups! I am loving them.

- Saynomom