Who doesn't love an amazing smoothie?

The only problem is, not everyone knows how to make them. It isn't just about dumping some ingredients into a blender, in fact, there's a whole science behind making the perfect smoothie!

STEP ONE: Layer on a liquid. What are you going to use? Coconut water? Coffee? Milk? Nut milk? The options are endless!

STEP TWO: Protein powders, sweetener - any of these little extras you need to keep yourself going.

STEP THREE: Get some green in there for extra vitamins. Spinach and kale are winners in our books, but you might want to try celery for some extra chunk, too.
STEP FOUR: Soft ingredients like yogurt and nut butters go here. (Or as I like to call them, the dreamy creamies!)

STEP FIVE: Get frosty! How? Ice? Frozen fruit? Whatever
you choose, that extra kick of coldness will bring it home.